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Humanitarian Relief to Ukraine: Cash is Best

Mar 2, 2022 12:14:47 PM / by Jaclyn Silvestri


Dear friends of Disaster Tech

The atrocities being committed in Ukraine by Russia and their partners are destroying communities, destabilizing world peace, and killing and displacing innocent lives.  We stand with the people of Ukraine and are donating cash to humanitarian relief organizations helping those who are suffering from the horrors of war. As a disaster response professional, cash is best to support humanitarian efforts on the ground, providing financial support to trusted organizations that deliver aid around the world.  If you wish to donate, we ask that you donate cash to a trusted humanitarian group active on the ground. Sites like Charity Navigator help connect people with an organization of their choice. I pray for the children and families impacted by these criminal acts and look for the international community to bring swift justice to the criminals causing these atrocities.

In solidarity,
Sean, CEO

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