Disaster Tech Helps Facilitate the Complexity Weekend

Disaster Tech
May 26, 2020 12:00:59 PM

Disaster Tech helped facilitate Complexity Weekend 2020.  Complexity Weekend was established to help address the unprecedented, interconnected problems created and exposed by this pandemic. Complexity Science is an interdisciplinary and inclusive framework for studying, designing, and controlling Complex systems.

Recording of livestream here!


Over the course of one weekend, participants learned about Complexity Science from a variety of perspectives while developing solutions in a team setting to address:

Shelter in Place Policy
Personal Protective Equipment
Supply Chains
Vaccine Research
Ventilator Shortage
Mental Health
Many other ongoing problems

This event featured Complexity Science-inspired lectures, discussions, and workshops on Friday night and Saturday day. All attendees engaged in a collective brainstorming and team formation process Saturday afternoon, followed by a facilitated hackathon experience with these teams on Sunday.

Visit ComplexityWeekend.com to learn more!

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