September 11th: Tuesday's Children

Sep 9, 2022 11:09:20 AM

September 9, 2022

"It goes back to September 11th, 2001. I'm in the city, 4 blocks away from the World Trade Center. I hear a noise that sounded like a freight train buzz, while I am on the 15th floor of my building in my office. I look out the window to see a plane high up in the air and then the plane hits the first tower, I couldn't believe it. I then head outside to see what is going on, looking at the situation from a humanitarian point of view and then from a firematic point of view." says Roger Coleman, 28 year lifetime member and former 6 year Fire Chief of the 8th Battalion, Co-Founder & President of Disaster Tech, and Founding Board Member & Chairman of Tuesday's Children.

"I was standing there looking at all of those people's lives lost, it was such a tragedy. As I am praying, I see what looks like a drunken driver flying a plane. It sweeps down towards Lady Liberty and comes up the back, swoops down again and bam, slams into the second tower. That was when I said to myself, 'holy cow, we are under attack!' I got home as soon as I could to Manhasset, got hosed off in the front lawn and took a hot shower to clean the debris from the towers off of me. I immediately then jumped into my truck and headed to the Firehouse where we had been called into the city for support. It's not my story, it's the aftermath of what 9/11 had left us with. 42 of our Manhasset neighbors never made it home, husbands and wives had lost their spouses, mothers and fathers had lost their children, children had lost one or even both of their parents, and we as a community needed to be there to support them all. We originally came together to make sure they were fed, that they felt loved, and that they knew they were not alone. Within all of us coming together to support those grieving, we realized how much bigger it was than us and we quickly realized we needed to bring in professional help. That marked the start of Tuesday's Children. We came up with the idea on a Tuesday and knew it was time that we worry about the 3,000+ children and families that were suddenly without their mom and/or dad, and the spouses who were left without their husband or wife, and that we needed to provide them with the programs, tools, and support for a lifetime of healing for the families" says Coleman.

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 9.44.52 AMTuesday's Children was founded in 2001 following the September 11th terrorist attacks. Tuesday's Children's mission is to provide a lifetime of healing for families who have been forever changed by terrorism, military conflict or mass violence. Throughout the 20 years Tuesday's Children has been in service, they have served over 47,000 individuals through their programs. Tuesday's Children's programs and services include family engagement, long-term youth mentoring, career resource center, mental health & wellness programs, Project Common Bond, and sharing lessons in community resilience.

The non-profit's Family Engagement programs enhance and sustain trust through common bonds and peer support. Tuesday's Children focuses on their commitment to Family Engagement through a wide variety of programs and services they host, such as group tickets to baseball games, picnics, trips to amusements parks, and so much more with fellow Tuesday's Children beneficiary families dealing with similar losses. These programs and events ensure a supportive environment where attendees can nurture common bonds with other families going through similar struggles. Tuesday's Children also offers a Career Resource Center, both for adults looking for careers and for children looking for help when applying to college. Tuesday's Children will help you from start to finish throughout your career preparation process from helping you write a resume to preparing for an interview. Lastly, the Mental Health & Wellness Program offers services such as (but not limited to) short-term counseling and referrals, wellness, life management and mindfulness programs, and community and mental health resources for the whole family throughout their lifelong healing process. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 4.43.14 PMA couple of the programs Tuesday's Children specifically provides for their youth beneficiaries include their Youth Mentoring Program and their Project COMMON BOND Program. The Youth Mentorship Program is dedicated to providing children who have lost a parent or sibling following military service, a caring role model who is committed to being a positive agent of change in the life of a child. Tuesday's Children is currently looking for volunteer adult (21+) mentors to support their Gold Star Youth. If you're invested in become a Youth Mentor for Tuesday's Children, you can apply here. Project COMMON BOND empowers youth aged 15-22 from around the world to build a better future - beginning with them. Through this program, beneficiaries will learn and/or "enhance interpersonal communication and conflict negotiation skills, as well as promote dignity, empathy, and respect towards others, in order to empower the teens to be a generation of compassionate, global leaders." (Tuesday's Children)

While Tuesday's Children takes care of the children of these families, they also offer a couple of programs specifically for adults. According to, their Heart to Heart and Gold Star Mom Retreats "brings together spouses or parents who have lost a loved one to military service to grow, heal and make life long friendships. These communities honor their losses and work together to heal. These retreats help you to navigate challenges, discover resources for healing, make connections, and recreate your lives with a sense of hope." Secondly, their Creative Insight program is dedicated to having participants reignite their purpose. This program is 9-weeks long and takes place over an initial in person event, followed by a series of virtual events. The goal for this program is to have the participants exit the workshop with a new outlook on life, leaving them to feel inspired, empowered, and motivated. (Tuesday's Children)

Pic TC 2022 (2)In remembrance of the September 11th Anniversary, Roger Coleman and the beneficiary families of Tuesday's Children have been invited to ring the Nasdaq Closing Bell during the Commemorative Closing Bell Ceremony today, Friday, September 9th, 2022 at 3:50pm EST. This iconic bell ringing ceremony at Nasdaq MarketSite represents an enormous opportunity to showcase Tuesday's Children and celebrate their achievements and milestones before a global audience. This ceremony invites Tuesday's Children to bring 75 guests to enjoy refreshments during a small reception prior to the ceremony beginning. During the ceremony, the Nasdaq executive, Roger Coleman (Founding Board Member of Tuesday's Children and Co-Founder & President of Disaster Tech), and two 9/11 family members will be the official bell ringers for the 2022 ceremony.

If you're looking to get involved with Tuesday's Children, they offer a variety of opportunities such as volunteering, becoming a mentor to the youth, joining their team, becoming a corporate partner, donating, hosting a fundraiser, and attending or participating in their various events. To learn more about how you or your company can get involved or support, visit

rise up and remember logoIn honor of Patriot Day and supporting Tuesday's Children, the employees at Disaster Tech and their families created a team for Tuesday's Children's Rise Up and Remember: 9/11 Virtual 5k. The team will come together virtually to walk and/or run the 5k between September 9th-11th. Being that Disaster Tech is Veteran-Owned, and we employ many Military Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses, and Military Children, we are eager as a team to be able to support Tuesday's Children and their mission to provide a lifetime of healing to those families who have been forever changed by terrorism, military conflict or mass violence. Interested in donating or joining the Disaster Tech Rise Up and Remember 5k Team? Follow the button to our team page below!

Tuesday's Children

Lastly, Tuesday's Children's Annual Rise Up for Resilience Gala will be taking place Thursday, September 22, 2022 at 6:30pm in New York City. Tickets and sponsorships are still available if you would like to attend or have your company involved. This flagship even raises critical funds to provide the resilience-building programs that Tuesday's Children offers their beneficiaries. This year's gala will be honoring Eric L. Adams (Mayor of New York City), Lieutenant General Leonard "Leo" Kosinski (J4, Director of Logistics, Join Staff, Department of Defense), and lastly, Bob Woodruff (ABC News Correspondent & Co-Founder of The Bob Woodruff Foundation).

As we all reflect on the impact the September 11th, 2001 attacks had on our country, our communities, and our lives, we encourage you to keep those who lost their lives and their families in your thoughts and prayers this weekend. Try to spread love and kindness around your community, and hug the people you love a little tighter. "Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11." - President Obama

[For a brief overview of each program, please visit the table below.]

Program Description
Family Engagement Enhance and sustain trust through common bonds and peer support. These programs help family members find strength in community. 
Long-Term Youth Mentoring Encourages and supports mutually beneficial, long-standing relationships between adult role models and children ages 6-18 who have lost a military parent or sibling. 
Career Resource Center This program has helped prepare over 6,000 children and families for college and careers over the last two decades through in-person and virtual workshops, seminars and leadership development programs to enhance life skills, social connections, college preparation and career guidance.
Mental Health & Wellness Support families with a range of life management and mental health and wellness programs, delivered in-person and virtually. Our renowned Creative Insight program, based on the distinguished Creativity in Business course at Stanford University, inspires and empowers participants to create a life they love.
Project COMMON BOND Project COMMON BOND has united nearly 900 teenagers and young adults from 34 countries who have lost a loved one due to terrorism, mass violence or war. Participants learn about peace building and conflict resolution while forming lifelong bonds with their peers and engaging in activities that emphasize the dignity of all. 
Sharing Lessons in Community Resilience Through Tuesday's Children's evidence-based Long-Term Healing Model, they share promising practices and lessons learned in recovery and resilience with communities impacted by terrorism, military conflict or mass violence. Tuesday's Children's online toolkit offers a training curriculum and resources for providing tragedy assistance and support services to families and communities impacted by traumatic events.


About Tuesday's Children

Tuesday’s Children provides a lifetime of healing for families who have been forever changed by terrorism, military conflict or mass violence. Through a time-tested, long-term approach, Tuesday’s Children programming serves and supports our nation’s military Families of the Fallen; builds resilience and common bonds in communities worldwide recovering from tragedies; and keeps the promise to support all those impacted by Tuesday, September 11th. To learn more about Tuesday's Children and how to get involved, visit

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